Fellow engineers,
Our profession has suffered for the longest time. Our organization is sliding toward irrelevancy. We are slowly losing our self-regulating ability. Politicians don’t believe in our ability and as we saw in the past, with bill C-124, they infringed into our ability to self-regulate and now our provincial government canceled the long anticipated removal of Industrial Exception.
Approximately 70% of current engineers do not need their P.ENG. to do their job and the majority of new engineering graduates don’t join PEO.  63% of our new graduates cannot find engineering job. 30% of engineering work is done by non-engineers. 33.3% of our engineers are underemployed and simply never going to find work as engineers or in professions requiring an engineering degree. We have an industrial exception to thank for this.
Engineers are the most underpaid and under appreciated sector in Ontario workforce.

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We must ask ourselves; what went so wrong that we are in this position now?
PEO spend large amount of money on lobbyist that could not anything to help our cause. To make matters more interesting, After provincial government failed to correct the flaw in Engineering Act, our president at the time goes to extreme and try to destroy what ever relationship that was build through out few year. After spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on lobbyist and paying for fundraisers , he sends an email around requesting the boycott of the ruling government and he actually communicated that to the government. Adding insult to injury, now PEO is back chasing the government's tail again, we lost total credibility with the government. We need change and we need it fast.
Part of the solution is more consultation with chapters as they are our front line when it comes to communicating with public.
Public education can play a key role in reversing the irrelevancy. For this to happen, Chapters should get more funding so they can be more active and be able run more program that interacts with general public. Chapters are the voice of PEO in the communities.
PEO needs to be more proactive rather than reactive. PEO must take a strong stand against individuals or corporations that violate the engineering act. for that we need to have more enforcement. Instead of waisting our resources for fruitless lobbyists we can have more enforcement officers to protect the public.
As much as CPD is a great Idea, we we must ask ourselves, how is it going to benefit the members as well as the profession and how it is going to help with  protecting the public?
Just because it is working for other professions, doesn't mean it will  work for us, we have to see what is the added value here. I don’t feel the proposed model protects the public in any way. I am sure it will satisfy the provincial government but this organization was not created to please the provincial government. The same government that refused to remove the industrial exception and by doing do puts the public protection in gray area.

I stand for:
Fiscal Responsibility
Removal of Industrial Exception
Right to Practice
Better support for our Chapters
Better Cooperation with OSPE
Building a better working relationship with the Government
Reverse PEO’s Irrelevancy
I have extensive political knowledge and experience that I have gained while serving various boards and political organizations. I’ll bring a different perspective and different approach to resolve the current challenges that PEO and our profession faces today.
Improving the relevancy of the P.Eng. requires much better communications with politicians. I can help PEO do this. I have the experience and the connections.
In This election;
Vote for positive change
Vote for right to practice
Vote for relevant PEO
Vote for protecting the public
Vote for protecting our future
Vote for Peter Cushman for East Central Councillor.